Tuesday, October 17, 2006



Free at last. Free of the poisonous work environment that I was in at Helstra. Now that I am starting to de-stress from it, I have received a hellish reminder from a former colleague who is still there..

"Hi Tall
How does it feel to be out of HELL
You will be pleased to know I miss you HEAPS.....K1, K2 and J do NOTHING all day long
K1 has G and JB wrapped around his little finger he goes to the coffee shop for 45-55 minutes at any given time, does nothing whilst his there and is allowed to park downstairs for all his hard efforts-its becoming a real Boys Club....HOW LUCKY ARE YOU!!!!!"

Well, I can't say I am surprised. Life there was becoming hell while I was waiting for our package/last day to come, which helps to explain why I was so eager to leave, and left as soon as I could and still get my package... Mmmm.. Payout!!! mmmm!!

Sick leave was rife, and abused (one week off, one week on, another week off? K1, what were you thinking?) And of course, no supervision, because the team leaders themselves were too busy seeking new jobs for themselves. Then, most of my colleagues that were at work, might as well not have been there, considering how much they actually did. I tried to maintain my normal work ethics, but seriously, getting out was the only option. I do not need that sort of stress. I am so glad to be out.

And don't talk to me about how badly the restructure has been managed at the higher management level!!!

Now, time for a new job, hopefully!

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