Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Auditions... or results..

Well, I found out that I did not get the role I auditioned for. I don't know who got it, but I do know it was not me. I did not get offered any other role either, except chorus, which I am not likely to accept. Why? I don't know. Not knowing who got the offer, I can't really comment yet.

I do know that I am singing better than I did before I started with Brad my new teacher. Not only does he regularly comment on the improved clarity in my voice, but so have others.

Immediately after my audition I was talking to someone from the show that I had sung a solo role in, when I started with Brad. When talking about my new teacher, she asked if I had started with him during the run. When I said yes, she replied that she had heard the change in my voice at the time. When I pointed out that the music I auditioned with was as high as the solo I had in that show, and more to the point, sat up there most of the time, she nearly fell over. She said that my voice was far freer, and clearly showed that my new teacher was doing great things for me.

Other people have noticed too.

The Singing teacher that the group I sing at nursing homes uses as a vocal coach when preparing for shows has made a number of comments about how my voice is sounding better. My boyfriend noticed the difference at our last nursing home show. Now to make it permanent, and automatic!

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