Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Well, so much for that!!!

Well, I did intend to work my way through "The Artist's Way" - and I will get back into it sometime soon. But, for some reason, I just did not get into it at the time. I guess I just was not ready for it then. Something about too much else to think about I guess, what with learning a new job, learning how to do said new job, learning how to deal with computers running OS from iconic computer firm that I had never used before so that I could actually help others work them, that sort of thing. So, yeah, it probably was not a good thing at the time. Having said that, I did get through the first 2 chapters so that is something. Not a lot, but it is something. What, I am not sure yet, but probably just a sign of a lack of discipline (moi? Never!!!!!) or simply that there is only so much change that you can take at the one time, and my brain had past that point. Well, that is my story and I think I should stick to it, someone might believe me. I don't know who, but someone might so I should see what happens!!!!

So, I have survived Christmas, and now we have hit the new year. If you went to watch the Sydney fireworks at midnight, they went off with a bang, huh? The Gorgeous One and I got to view them from the top of an almost harbour frontage apartment building in Potts Point. A friend of ours used to live there (the one whose glasses got held to ransom on ebay, if you know him!), over a number of years, in about 6 different apartments over that time. As a result, he was quite the popular boy, and got invited to several parties there, so we got to tag along! We got home about 4am and I promptly crashed. The Gorgeous One stayed up talking to a neighbour for a while who was walking up the street as we got home. He was asleep on the couch when I got up about 9am (sleeping in? Moi??)

So any way. Here is hoping that all of you reading this have a truly wonderful 2008! I hope that most of your dreams get to come true. We can't expect them all to, besides that would leave us with nothing to hope for, and a life without hope is pretty worthless I think!!!!

Also, if you do not know, I have also become quite active with a website on singing called BravuraVox (http://www.bravuravox.com if you want the addy). I am not entirely sure why at the moment seeing as I am not singing, but I feel it is something that is worth supporting. Not to mention, it is another spot that I get to ramble on about all and sundry. Sometimes I even have something to say!!!!! If you are interested in performing, or especially classical singing, it is worth popping in from time to time to have a read. And, best of all in our budget conscious times, it is free!!!!!! Hey, that has to be a good thing!!!!

So, having read all this, I have realised that I get quite verbose when I am recovering from the night before! I won't bother to edit it and make it shorter and tighter, because, well, frankly, I am not exactly short myself, so why should my random mumblings be either????

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