Monday, May 18, 2009

Random thoughts

Hmm... It has been a while since I last posted here hasn't it?? The last time, we were still watching that crazy thing called the American Elections, watching breathlessly as we hoped that hope might actually triumph over a tired old jaundiced view of the world, that seemed to offer more of the same. We were wondering what the world was coming to, as the dreaded GFC continued to wend its way through the financial centres of the world, wreaking havoc on the importance that people felt they had, and generally making good old fashioned virtues like thrift, and living within your means, suddenly become sensible again, and debt suddenly becoming this toxic thing that no one wanted to touch with a 20 foot pole, or even a 30 foot Litvak ;-)

These days.. Well, some of those things have changed. We now have the unlikely situation of a coloured man elected to the role of the "Leader of the Free World" as some people still breathlessly refer to the US President. We have a Govt in Australia that seems to be doing its best to back pedal on all its good green policies. We have sports stars getting caught up in sex scandals again. We still have a GFC wreaking havoc in the world....

Hmm.. OK, maybe somethings have not changed that much..

So, what can we do?? Well, to be honest, one of the reasons I have not posted much here, is sometimes I wonder, what can we do? I mean, I am just one voice, not a particularly well known one, just one more crying out in the wilderness for something to change, for people to learn to treat each other with a bit of respect a basic human decency. For the media organisations of the world to realise that reporting is about more than just jumping on the latset band wagon and flogging it till it falls over dead like the proverbial horse, then move onto the next thing. And for Governments to realise that governing is about more than just winning the news cycle, that we elect them to do something for us as a nation (hopefully) or at least, to try to make a difference in the world for good or bad (and depending on which side of the political fence you sit, my good may be your bad). And for sport stars to realise, that just because they are adored by millions, given more money than they deserve, simply because they do something well most of us struggle to even do at all, and usually look good doing it, does not give then the right to treat other people as if they were trash, just because they can. Yes, women (and more than a few men) are going to throw themselves at you, but that does not give you the right to treat them as if they were trash, then hand them over to your mates for them to do the same. When that sort of thing happens, there is no way that anyone can honestly say that consent was obtained by all those involved. It does not matter if consent was obtained by one or 2, when you are dealing with a group situation tag teaming on one woman, every man needs to make sure that woman gives consent to them. I still do not understand why some people do not get this...

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