Saturday, December 15, 2012

Newtown sadness

There are times when there are no words. There are times when we cannot begin to understand what goes on in someone's mind, what makes them do something so unthinkable.

But, one thing I do know. Now is exactly the time when gun control must be tackled. Now, while you have the grief and horror real in people's minds, while we all remember just how horrific it is. Yes, it is painful, and yes it will be messy. But America, if you want to be taken seriously as the world's policeman, as you often want to, you have to start by policing your own people effectively. And that means, start by getting serious about guns. Guns kill people. That is their point. You want to stop these massacres happening? Stop selling guns designed to kill large numbers of people. Its quite simple really.

I personally am not affected by the losses felt by those in Connecticut, but my heart bleeds for all those who are. Anytime we kill the young, we lessen ourselves as a people.

I will leave a link to some research on the Australian experience here. (One of the few things that John Howard did as PM that I actually respect him for)

After that, its time for more nice music….

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