Wednesday, October 10, 2007

By the way...

I am guessing I should apologise or something for my shameless lack of regular blogging. (to whom I am not really sure, but consider me feeling guilty if you were waiting with baited breath for the latest installment of my life!)


Here are some updates...

I now live with the gorgeous one in a lovely little house in Camperdown (aka camp on down),just down the road from the memorial park, if you know the inner west of Sydney.

Since leaving the big T, I have worked for a couple of places, after a long break (the de-Telstra-isation), first of all for a financial co (did not work out), then for a well known hair products co in their professional division as a sales clerk (part of one of the world's largest American packaged goods companies), and now, I am working for an iconic computer company, as a tech support person. Yes, I am being trusted to help people fix their computers! Scary, isn't it?

I have to say though, that a large number of the calls are all about helping idiots who should not be let near computers learn how to fix the stuff ups they do. Regularly. Ah, the stupidity of the great unwashed. It never fails to surprise me!!!

Oh, and during the visit from my parents? They actually decided they liked the gorgeous one!!!!!

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mhwombat said...

Your parents have great taste - as do you. The gorgeous one is a total "spunk rat" !
Love to you both,