Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It's time to go J Ho!!!!

Dear John,

I am writing to you to tell you, I no longer love you. Yes I know you thought it was forever, but sadly, I have finally started to see through your lies and cruel behaviour. Trying to wedge us one time to many (well, it was far more than that, but finally I woke up!) - sorry, it just did not work anymore.

You know, it took a while, but I have finally realised, there is more to life than money, not that I am really sure you understand how to manage money wisely anyway. Talking about how the Labour Party cannot be trusted to look after the economy, then throwing buckets of money at us hoping we will still vote for you is just not going to cut it anymore. We want to see that you are putting money aside for the future, this mining boom is not going to last forever you know!!

And this drought thing. I am beginning to think that maybe the Greens and the others have been right all along. The weather pattern does seem different these days. This ongoing pattern of drought is destroying our land and our way of life. I am beginning to think that it is not that we cannot afford the economic costs of cutting greenhouse gases, or sigingin up to Kyoto, but rather if we want a future, we cannot afford not to do something. Sorry John, you are looking liike yesterday's man more and more.

And what about social justice? We used to be a nation that took pride in looking after those who fell throught the cracks, or who suffered for no fault of their own but for what they were? Where has the concept of a fair go, and looking after others gone? I don't like what has happened, and you have been in charge while it happened. I am sorry, you just have to go.......

Love (I think I still love you)

The Australian Public.

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