Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Ah, Australia, I despair for your humanity....

Some of you reading this may have heard of Robert Jovicic. If you are reading this from outside Australia, you probably aren't, and you probably are not aware of what a scandal has developed with our federal government and its immigration policies, or maybe that should be their "kick them out if you can" policy.

There have been a number of highly publicised, and a lot more not, cases where citizens have been deported, largely because of the current policies brought in during the reign of J.Ho. Being a citizen seems to be no longer a guarantee of being entitled to the right to remain here, unless there is no doubt you look and sound "like an Aussie".

Well, Robert Jovicic is a slightly different case.

He was born overseas, in France, to Serbian parents, and came here as a two year old. Now despite having lived all his life here, and having a legitimate visa, the federal government decided to cancell his visa and deport him to Serbia, a country that he had never lived in, simply because they could. Now, granted he was not exactly of high moral standing, but, why send him to a country where he is not a citizen, that his main connection to is his ancestry? A country whose language he does not speak with any significant degree of fluency, a country that declared him stateless and offered no options to gain employment or access to any of the services a government would normally give to its citizens.

Well, now in a crazy piece of logic, the government is asking him to take out Serbian citizenship, to avoid being deported to Serbia. Huh? Is it just me, or does it sound like once again, they are trying to get rid of him and send him off to Serbia? Why not ask him to take out French citizenship? At least he was born there.

Ah, no, France has already (rightly in my view) stated that he is Australia's problem, not theirs. Which leaves no real options left. Looks like Robert needs to learn Serbian, and fast!!!!

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