Sunday, February 25, 2007


Talk about coming out of left field!!!!

The Gorgeous One proposed to me last night over a romantic dinner!!! On his knee!!! In a restaurant!!!!

Before I go any further, let me just say.... Would I be posting this if I had not given him a positive answer?

Anyway, no details determined yet. No dates, no site, no idea on ceremony, no rocks purchased, nada... Just had question popped and answer given... Oh, and much imbibing of adult beverages, including a glass on the house from the Restaurant (thank you The Razor's Edge!) and then popping of Cheesemaking Country's quality bubbles. YUM!!!

The best bit? The waitress coming up as The Gorgeous One was still on one knee and asking if he was proposing. Only in Sydney, as they say!!!

Anyway... going off to eat shortly, but, had to put it out there, everywhere!!!


Jason Appleby said...

Congratulations once again!

Dave M said...