Saturday, September 09, 2006

Another day, another death...

What is it lately with all these well known people dying lately? Steve Irwin, Colin Thiele and now Peter Brock??? And with Peter Perfect another offer of a state funeral. Well, at least this time I would argue that it was more deserved.

What? The non sports lover thinking that Brockie deserves a state funeral?

Well, think about it. We researve state funerals for persons of note, people who have made significant contributions to the country in some way. Brockie certainly did that.

First of all, think of the number of times he won at Bathurst. I heard it announced on the news that it was nine times... No one else comes close to that. Brockie's domination of the Australian Touring car circuit was legendary. Even those that never followed motorsport would have still known that he was "the man", the one to beat. In a competitive car, no one else came close.

At the same time, it was rare to hear a bad word about him. Articulate, polite and attractive, he was the pin up boy for the motorsport world for all sorts of reasons.

And now he is gone...

Does this really matter in the grand design of the world? Is what he did so world shaking?

No, but that is not the point. He was an outstanding performer in a high profile role. He did it extremely well, and brought pleasure to many.

Would that we could all do so well..

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