Sunday, July 26, 2009

Me? FAT?????

Ok,new blog post time. Some hard facts time, too. I am out of shape. Significantly. Out of shape as in fat. Ok, not fat as in “get thee to Jenny Craig you are about to have a heart attack” fat, but more “I have never seen you this fat before” fat.

Needless to say, I am not terribly happy about this state of affairs. I have started working on doing something about it, but these things take time. I have decided tho, I do want to be seriously in shape by the time summer comes around. By in shape, I mean, run round shirtless showing off shape. Buff. Happy with the way I look, drawing looks from people checking me out, instead of just being the anonymous overweight guy walking round that I currently am. Last summer, I was starting to approach this shape before I stopped working out, and to be honest, I do miss the attention. Being as tall as me does tend to make one eye catching anyway, this tall and in shape? Eye catching assured!!!

So, what am I doing about it? Well, in accordance with my blog title, I have decided enough is enough, life is not a rehearsal. I have started back on the weights in the morning about a month ago. That is starting to get some results. I have also started to walk home from work on an irregular basis. That has to improve. Not irregularly. I need to walk home at least 3 times a week. I accept that sometimes it is not possible, or practical to walk home, but I have now made a goal. Walk home 3 times a week minimum.

So, that covers step 1 and 2. (Step 1, admit the problem, step 2 work out what you are going to do) Step 3, the doing it and step 4 sticking to it are going to be harder. After all, we all know people who have started a weightloss/body reshaping program who quit it within 2-3 months, or less. Hell, I have been guilty of it too, many times. But, I do have everything (well, pretty much) I need to get into this seriously. I have a bench, free weights and time to do it most days. I just need to work to keep the motivation going. So, that is where this blog comes in.

I am going to try to make an effort again blogging. I am going to outline what steps I have done, what steps I am working on, or towards, as I move to my goal of a “beach body”. Hopefully, a bit of public humiliation, or the threat of it, will help me to keep the motivation up, as I work to get my body into a shape I am happy with. If I stop blogging on this, and you notice, post some feedback and I will receive it, and hopefully I will be motivated to get back into it, either the blog or the working out, whichever I have stopped doing!!! (Or both even!)

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