Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A quickie after a yummy dinner out that did not fit the plan!

After this morning’s workout, I am proud to announce I am about to start using my heaviest dumb bells. This is a BIG DEAL! For two reasons. First of all, the fact that I am going up in weights means that my workouts are having an effect. Secondly, it also means I am going to have to consider buying a new pair of dumb bells. Which I have to say, is not fun. The bigger the dumbbells, the more expensive. The next ones are going to hurt the bank balance.

But seriously, have you ever thought about how much money we spend on looking good? I have to say, the money I have spent trying to look good over my life is quite obscene! What with gym memberships in the past, hair cuts, clothes that I think look good, skin care and hair care products, and the like, you really sometimes wonder what is the point? I mean, surely I have better things to do with my money? Having said that, the money I spend is nothing compared to the money some people spend. The idea of regular facials for example. Who really has the money for that? And regular professional hair colouring? Mind you, I am never really going to need to worry about covering grey hair. Mine is going to all fall out before then!

Now, having said that, I do think my workout/reshaping program is worthwhile, and good value for money. I also suspect that the next dumbbells I buy will probably be the last ones I buy for quite a while. I was thinking about this while working out this morning. I want to see what I look like when I get comfortable using this next set of dumbbells, which I have yet to buy. I have this feeling, when I have been using them for a few weeks, and am using them in most of my exercises, I will be starting to have the sort of body I want to have. If that is the case, I probably wont be rushing out to get a bigger pair anytime soon...

Time will tell!!!

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