Tuesday, September 15, 2009

taking stock

So... It has been a few days. I say that everytime these days, don’t I? So, what is new?

Well, first, I am back up to 107kgs. I think it is mostly muscle, not fat. I cannot say for sure, seeing as I do not have the relevent testing equipment. But, what I can say, is that my jeans are tighter around my legs, my gut seems to be shrinking, but is certainly not growing, and generally I look like my muscles on my trunk are starting to become more prominent. Certainly, the muscles on my arms and legs are becoming more pronounced, so something is happening.

My stomach feels more muscular. It feels like the muscle is closer to the surface, and firmer than it was before, but, is it really? Only time will tell, when I can start to see my six pack showing through, and when I can start to see my ribs showing through, rather than being buried under a layer of fat as they are now.

Also, I have started to use my new dumb bells. Granted, 20kg dumb bells are not a big deal, not like lifting 100kgs in a bench press is. But, for someone who is still getting back into the reshaping thing, 20kgs on each arm, is a significant deal. I certainly do not think I am going to stick with this weight into next year, but I do think it is a sure sign of progress, and a pleasing improvement on the past.

I am also noticing some of my shirts are getting tight across the shoulders and chest, not to mention my arms. These are places that normally I do not have clothes that fit tightly, so this must be a good thing, indicating that parts of me are growing. And these are parts that do not have large amounts of fat on them, so something must be happening the way I want it.

So, all round, it seems to be an improvement on many levels. I have also been walking most days, improving my cardio fitness levels. Hopefully by the time it is warm enough to spend time shirtless, my body has improved enough that I am not embarrassed to show it off.

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