Sunday, August 16, 2009


Hmm.. So, what is new today? Well, I have been doing lots of walking, which is always good. I have also been doing my weights, also good. I tried to buy a new pair of dumb bells, which did not go so good... Seems my local exercise equipment shop has every dumb bell known to man, except in the size I want. But, they do say, they will have them next friday, so I guess that gives me more time to make sure I can afford them easily.

But, I am still feeling fat. And I am still losing weight, not gaining weight, even as I gain muscle. But, that funny event with the scales, was just that, a funny event. Gaining one kg overnight, then losing it the next, well, we all know what that was, don’t we? One big hunk of t bone steak working its way through my system..

So, anyway.. just thought I would post here, to indicate it is still going, I am still working on rebuilding the bod, aiming for that summer bod..

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