Sunday, August 23, 2009

The parents have arrived!!

Sorry for ignoring you all for so long. What, did I hear? What? Is there anyone here?

Anyway... After that little silliness...

I did not get to buy the dumbbells this week.. My parents decided to land this weekend. The Gorgeous One and I spent most of yesterday cleaning the house, with help from The Other B. Then today, we spent all afternoon with my parents. But, now, I am exhausted, and will soon be turning in

However, what about the progress I heard you say? Well, the scales seem to be saying I am growing again. Not much, but still, growing. And my gut is definitely shrinking. And my parents even noticed that I am slimmer, which is a good thing, seeing as the last time I saw them, I was at my fattest. Not to mention, that when I told them I had lost about 5kgs, they were shocked. Then again, before I visited them, I had only just restarted the exercise, and I was a fatty.... I had dropped more earlier, but the weights are starting to show their effects on my body. I can see some muscles again. Not many, mind, but enough that I can say I have them again..

Now to get that 20 kg dumb bell pair sometime!

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