Monday, August 24, 2009

A discovery

I think I made a discovery today. I am not sure, but I think so. If so, it explains a lot.

On the weekend, I tend not to eat as much. The Gorgeous One is not a big breakfast eater. More to the point, he is not a big morning person! So, he does not understand the need for me to have a big breakfast, pretty much straight after working out... So, by the time he is ready to eat, I am climbing the walls...

The nett result of this, is that by the next day, I am a bit on the weak side when I do my exercises. This morning I found doing things I have done fine on Friday, were a battle. It really seemed like I was working out really hard, when it was not difficult the previous time...

so... My assumption is that I am low on energy/resources come monday morning, so I need to eat more on Sunday to make sure I can do my exercises on monday..

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